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Pictures of Madeline's Ancestors


Birthplace of Maternal Great-Grandparents and Grandparents -
Duppigheim, France





Jeannette Levy
Madeline's Maternal Great-Grandmother

Bertha Levy
Madeline's Maternal Grandmother

Isidore Levy
Madeline's Maternal Grandfather

Isadore and Bertha Levy
Maternal Grandparents

Josephine Levy Lieber
Madeline's Mother

Bertha Levy, Madeline's Grandmother,
and Sisters


Maurice Wolff, Cousin of Madeline

Maurice and Madeline

Paris, France
March, 2009

Maurice's grandmother, Rebecca Levy, and Madeline's great-grandmother Jeannette Levy, were sisters.  Jeannette Levy
came to the United States in the early 1900's and her sister, Rebecca Levy, stayed in France.  Maurice has
done extensive genealogy work on the Levy family tree.

Birthplace of Paternal Great-Grandparents and Grandfather
 Marijampole, Lithuania




Abraham Liber
Madeline's  Great-Grandfather

Mendel and Rose Lieber
Madeline's Paternal Grandparents

Jacob (Jankiel) Lieber
Madeline's Great-Uncle

Mendel Lieber, Madeline's grandfather, and Lester Lieber, Madeline's father

Mendel Lieber
Madeline's Grandfather

Lester Lieber
Madeline's Father

Madeline Lieber Buchanan

Childhood Home of Madeline Lieber Buchanan
Natchitoches, Louisiana. The Liebers bought the house in 1955 from Edgar Levy, who built the house in 1917.

Above is the same house in 2006.  The house was owned by Tom and Beverly Durham at the time. It is now called the Bungalow House or Levy-Greaves House and is owned by Charles P. Greaves.

Lieber's Inc.
Family Business (Clothing and Shoes)
Natchitoches, Louisiana

Pictures of Madeline Lieber Buchanan and Family

Wasn't She Cute?

5th Grade

High School Graduation

Marriage to William Charles Buchanan
August 28, 1971

Bill and Madeline Buchanan
December, 2005

Bill, Madeline, and Charles Buchanan
December, 2006

Athens, Greece
November, 2007

Puntarenas, Costa Rica
February, 2009
 Red Hat Luncheon
February, 2009

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