The Golden Circle

A Winter Wonderland

The Golden Circle is the name given to a group of spectacular scenery southeast of Reykjavik. This area is the home of waterfalls, geysers, bubbling and boiling hot springs, and other geographical oddities. The ice and snow of the winter season made the sights even more spectacular, even though the temperature throughout the day was around 25 degrees F with a -10 degree wind chill.

To the left is a river completely covered in ice. On the other side of the bridge at the left side of the car, you could see the blue water of the river flowing into ice. The water in the rivers are blue because of the lack of pollution in Iceland. These rivers have no problems with sewerage or industrial waste flowing into them. Below is a typical Icelandic river, in which blue water flows rapidly downstream due glacial melting and runoff at higher levels.




Below are some interesting sites at
Geysir, the geyser from which all geysers in the world are named. The temperature and wind chill were so cold at this site that as I took my hand out of my glove to wait for the geyser Strokkur to erupt (which is every 5 to 7 minutes), my hands got so cold that I could not manipulate the shutter and zoom buttons on my camera. I was wearing long underwear, a blouse, sweater, blue jeans, snow boots, my heavy coat, gloves, and an old Santa Claus-type hat that Bill hates. (I did buy a new wool hat in Iceland.) Bill said he just had to take this picture showing me wearing the hat. I didn't care as long as I could stay warm.



There are hot springs that bubble and boil. . .

and hot springs that erupt. 







Below is a picture of Gullfoss, the golden waterfall, in all of its frozen glory. This was the sight that made the biggest impression on me during the entire trip. Although water is flowing through the waterfall, the spray freezes, creating an unusual beauty.



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