Happy New Year, Australia!

Happy New Year, Australia! One of the events that we really looked forward to on our trip was celebrating the arrival of 1998 in Sydney. What was really amazing was that we celebrated the new year sixteen hours before the ball dropped in Times Square in New York and seventeen hours before it arrived in Birmingham.

Shown above are people getting a good place to watch the fireworks by the Sydney Opera House. We viewed the spectacular event at the home of Bruce and Anita Wallace at Cremorne Point, across the harbour from the Opera House and Circular Quay, where we had a fantastic view of the shows from both the east and west sides of the Harbour Bridge.

The picture on the left is the Sydney skyline at dusk. As time for the fireworks drew nearer, more and more boats came into the harbour looking for the best viewing spot.

Below is the Sydney Harbour Bridge all lit up in its fireworks with a smile on its face.


Happy New Year!


(Picture courtesy of Sydney Morning Herald)

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