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View my Virtual Field Trip of the Panama Canal.

View the slide show of my trip through the Panama Canal in February, 2009.

Presentations and Workshops


Below are the workshops that I have presented at the Delta Kappa Gamma International and Regional Conventions. I have also presented at the Beta State (Alabama State Organization) Convention.

Using Google Docs for Society Communication

Travel As Educational Enrichment - You will need to go to the slide show "Greece. Santorini, and Patmos" on the travel portion of my website to view the video that goes along with this presentation. This is a Windows Media slide show. If you cannot open the slide show in your Windows Media Player or if you are using a Mac, watch it on YouTube.

Travel Tips for Travel Enjoyment

"I've Learned" inspirational thought remarks that I presented at the closing session of the Beta State Convention on February 27th, 2011. I did not use all of the points in my inspirational thought because of time but I have included the entire list.