Scenes of Rotorua, New Zealand

The black swans and various species of ducks that make their home in Lake Rotorua are, according to our bus driver, the best fed in the world. A walk around the lakefront lets you watch the waterfowl move from place to place, following those who bring bread and other goodies.

The lone tree is a symbol of the Maori to honor the chiefs that have passed on. In addition to this tree on Lake Rotorua, there is also one located on a hill outside Auckland.

On the left is the entrance to the Government Gardens in Rotorua. Rotorua is well-known for its mineral water with healing properties and for many years, people have come to the town to benefit from the town's resources. The old bath house is now a museum depicting the history of the area and the Polynesian Spa is famous for its mineral pools and bathing facilities. Also located in the Government Gardens is the Orchid Garden. Every hour on the hour the water organ, one of only two in the world, is played and streams of water moving in time to the music make delightful entertainment. The orchid garden, in addition to displaying orchids from around the world, also has a beautiful display of tropical plants.

The Princes Gate Hotel is a well-known hotel in Rotorua. Across the street from the Government Gardens and new Rotorua Convention Center, it has room ranging from apartments to those with shared baths. The most prominent feature of the hotel is the main staircase, which is very beautiful and is in demand by brides who want to have their weddings at the hotel so they can descend it. The hotel provides many extras for its guests including a restaurant, mini-bar in each room, mineral pool, and spa.

Notice the cars parked across the street from the hotel. Since drivers in New Zealand (as well as Australia) drive on the left side of the road, the steering wheel and driving controls are on the right side of the car.