Sheep Show at the Agrodome

Here I am with my friend the sheep. At the sheep show in the Agrodome in Rotorua, New Zealand, we learned about the 19 varieties of sheep that are found in the world. Each type of sheep produces a different type of wool. Each type of wool is used for a specific purpose.

The wool that is sheared from the sheep contains a greasy substance called lanolin which is used in cosmetics as well as in other personal grooming products.

In addition to seeing and hearing about the 19 varieties of sheep and seeing the shearing of a lamb, several people in the audience got to milk a cow and feed a baby lamb. The announcer said that after three people tried to milk the cow and got a "Certificate of Udderance" for their endeavors, there wasn't even enough milk in the bucket to provide cream for one cup of coffee.

The sheep farmers could not get along without their sheepdogs, which can cost from $2000.00 up. There are two types of sheepdogs. One controls the sheep by barking and the other is quiet but uses eye contact to let the sheep know where he wants them to go. The picture above shows what any good sheepdog will do after his work is done -- find his favorite sheep to sit on and take a rest.

We were also given a demonstration on how the quiet sheepdog can herd a group of lambs into a small enclosure.